A step-be-step pathway for breastfeeding mums who struggle with low milk supply and want to increase it naturally to feed with ease and confidence

Do you want to MAKE MORE MILK FAST by learning how to deeply nourish your postpartum body?

The MAKE MORE MILK METHOD is a 12 week program that takes you through the exact steps needed to overcome nutrient depletion, which is a common, underlying cause of low milk supply.
You'll receive nutritional, nurturing strategies for not only overcoming low milk supply, but to also say goodbye to brain fog, exhaustion, poor sleep, so you can be the best version of your mum-self you can be for your child, your family and your community.

Kelly Northey, Certified Postpartum Nutrition Coach & Founder of the Yummy Mummy Food Company  will guide you step-by-step through this uniquely designed, one of its kind breastfeeding nutrition and postpartum healing support program,that will help you improve your milk supply as well as your overall health & wellbeing.

Kelly would love to help you THRIVE rather than just survive throughout your motherhood journey.

Here’s the thing… the postpartum world, as we know it, is changing.

It’s no longer about getting your pre-baby body back fast or being the supermum who is still working her job from her hospital bed hours after her baby is born.

What it’s really about is honoring the mother and nurturing and nourishing her during the postpartum period so she can heal and bond with her baby, meaning that the many issues which have become such a ‘norm’ in our bounce-back culture like depletion, postnatal mood disorders and even low milk supply become a thing of the past for this and our next generation of mothers .

So how do you do this?

Through postpartum nutrition & nourishment: which comprises of specific universally recognised ways of eating that focus on nourishment to heal the mother at a deep and cellular level.

12 weeks to transform your breastfeeding and motherhood journey.

Implement the Postpartum Nutrition Plan and learn how to nourish your body deeply to thrive throughout motherhood.

Improve your milk supply by overcoming nutrient depletion and breastfeed with more ease and confidence

A motherhood village of support and accountability via weekly coaching with Kelly & 24 hour support within the private client Facebook group

What does the 12 week Make More Milk Method program include?

Weekly coaching support calls to answer all your questions, provide followup information and any assistance and encouragement you need along the way

12 audio module learning lessons & action tasks

you can listen to on your phone, in the car or wherever works best for you

A comprehensive meal plan complete with 25+ gluten and dairy free recipes & snack ideas  that your entire family will also love and benefit from.
PLUS weekly shopping lists, freezer meal instructions & other educational materials to help you learn how to deeply nourish your body to improve your milk supply and for overall health benefits

12 weeks supply of the entire range of Yummy Mummy Food Company nutrient dense foods and beverages

filled with well reputed milk boosting ingredients, to help have easy one-handed snacks and maintain healthy hydration levels.

Lifetime access

to the Make More Milk Method content hub & private client Motherhood Village Facebook Support Group

Your questions answered within 24 hours!

When you need an answer fast!
Pop into the private client Motherhood Village Facebook Group and Kelly will get back to you within 24 hours.

“WOWZERS!!I thought I’d tried everything possible to increase my milk supply and was about to go and buy formula and bottles, but after hearing about the More Milk Method, I’m so glad I had the chat with Kelly first.

I’d never even considered that what I was eating (or not eating right) was the problem all along, but I’m forever grateful to this program that has helped me learn so much about the best foods to eat and how to eat them so my body could start to use the nutrients in the best way for both myself and my now thriving bub!”

- Annie S.

What You'll Learn With This Free PDF

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How to X Without Y So You Can Z

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Hi I’m Kelly Northey, founder of the Yummy Mummy Food Company and The Make More Milk Method.

As a Certified Postpartum Nutrition Coach, I help mums struggling to breastfeed to overcome postpartum nutrient depletion, which can help increase their milk supply as well as improving their overall health & wellbeing letting them say goodbye to brain fog, fatigue, mood swings, hormonal issues and can even help better sleep!

Before I was successful at helping mums increase their milk supply through better postpartum nutrition, I was a new mum who struggled with both these things and it was a devastating blow to me to have to give up on breastfeeding my baby at around the age of 6 weeks after trying absolutely EVERYTHING to make my non-existent milk supply improve. Everything except improving my own nutrition, because not once in all the appointments with doctors, midwives, lactation consultants and even a 2 week long residential breastfeeding support service (where we went to stay that was like a breastfeeding boot-camp), did anyone ever look at MY health and nutrition and how this could be affecting my milk supply.

It wasn’t until several years later when I stumbled across some nutrient dense little cookies called lactation cookies and was inspired to begin the Yummy Mummy Food Company that I started to see real correlations between mums eating specific nutrient dense foods and how this had such a positive effect on their milk supply.

This then sparked my interest around the field of postpartum nutrition and completing my studies as a Certified Postpartum Nutrition Coach made it really clear to me that the recipes I’d painstakingly researched and created for the Yummy Mummy Food Company were definitely in line with universally accepted postpartum nutrition principles. From this, the Make More Milk Method was born and I’m truly privileged to be helping mums more and more in this area I’m so passionate about!

My mission is to help you overcome nutrient depletion, so you can increase your milk supply but also see other health and wellbeing benefits from this around postpartum healing and reduced brainfog, fatigue and even lessen postpartum mood disorders!

Are you ready to get started?

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